Stoic exercise Cards


Many people know the concepts and exercises of Stoicism but can struggle to find the right questions, reflections and prompts to help them with their practice. 


After being messaged by a number of people who have purchased my Stoic and Socrates coins asking for further help and advice on practicing Stoicism, specifically practicing the exercises on the coins, I decided to put together a deck of 52 cards (waterproof and heavy duty) which 

contain questions, exercises and reflections that cover all the concepts within them (coins). This will hopefully allow you to take your Stoic practices and journey to the next level. 


This deck of cards is designed to work hand in hand with the Stoic and Socrates coins.


Areas covered: 


Introduction (2 cards) 


Socrates Coin 

* Know Thyself (5 cards) 


Stoic Coin

* To live in Accordance with Nature (5 cards) 

* Memento Mori (5 cards) 

* Premeditatio Malorum (5 cards) 

* Amor Fati (5 cards) 

* A Firm Grasp on Reason (5) 

* The Cardinal Virtues (1) 

- Wisdom (3) 

- Justice (3) 

-  Courage (3) 

-  Temperance (3) 

* The Inner Citadel (3) 


Stand alone cards

* Summum Bonum 

* A view from Above  

* Morning Routine 

* Evening Reflection  


These exercises and questions are from my personal notes which have been written, re-written and honed for nearly a decade - what remains is now within these cards.

Stoic exercise cards

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  • Material: PVC, card