Stoic Signet Ring description 


It is easy to get caught up in the chaos of the day and forget our principles and our reason, which is why the Stoics placed a heavy emphasis on having your maxims always ready at hand.


With a simple and subtle minimalist design, the Stoic Signet Ring has three clear commands to keep you from abandoning reason. 


MEMENTO PRAECEPTA - Remember your Maxims. 


Seneca declared that we must remember our maxims, that we must always have them ready at hand, have them etched in our minds to keep us from yielding to external situations and harmful impulses. 




This image is said to be a gesture the Stoics used as a reminder that we must keep a firm grasp on our reason.


ACTA NON VERBA - Deeds not words. 


Epictetus, warned us to not become a philosophers in words. but in deeds. He said - “for sheep, too, don’t vomit up their fodder to show the shepherds how much they’ve eaten, but digest their food inside them, and produce wool and milk on the outside”. -  so should you digest these philosophical teachings and maxims and produce your own milk and wool. 


Marcus Aurelius said to stop asking what a good person should be and be one. 


It is no good journaling, learning and remembering maxims if we do not put them into action. 

A Stoic is only a Stoic in deeds. Words and talk are cheap. Action is what matters. 


With these three commands at the tip of your fingers, you will not be able to easily forget the principles you wish to embody and act like the Stoic you are seeking to become. 


So, Remember your maxims - Keep a firm Grasp on reason - Deeds not words. 


beautifully crafted heavy weight, engraved, stainless steel signet ring unisex

Steel Stoic signet ring

SKU: 2020-03
  • Material: stainless steel 

    Size US size 10 and US