PLEASE NOTE: we have upgraded our signet ring wh is now the design shown in the last few photos, we are also now offering it in a US size 8 as well as US size 10 so be sure to specify which size you want or a random size will be sent by default, thank you!


The complete collection of our Stoic ready at hand items.


Combined, these coins, ring and cards cover all the main aspects of Stoic thought and practice. 


With this collection you will receive our best selling Stoic and Socrates coin.

Our brand new ‘A firm grasp on reason’ Signet ring (only size 10US available currently) and the Stoic Card deck which contains 52 cards of questions, reflections and exercises covering all the main aspects of Stoic practice and thought, that go hand in hand with the coins and ring. 


Everything within the collection is designed with utility and purpose in mind. All the items can be carried on your person for when needed. 

All the items can fit into a single pocket or tin to carry with you.

And depending on your preferences and if a certain concept is important to you on a certain day you have a choice of what to take with you. 


To find out more about each individual item, please see each individual bio for full explanations of the item, its meaning and how to get the most from them.

The complete stoic collection

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